Website Templates

Anybody can use a website template (or web template) to “plug in” their text content and graphics to create a website. A website template is a pre-designed webpage or series of HTML web pages. Although many developers utilize website templates to create sites for their clients, they are often built with HTML and CSS code (CSS is used for layout and font styles). This allows anyone to set up a website without needing to engage a professional web developer or designer. This allows anyone to create a personal or commercial website at a reasonable cost that can later be featured in search engines so customers can look for your particular good or service. With Allwebco website templates, you can “plugin” your text and image content and alter the layout and design components as little or not at all. Each design is a self-contained (or standalone) downloadable complete website.

Web Template Types

Website templates can be downloaded as standalone zip files, as a custom web builder interface component, or as part of an HTML editing program. They might have a responsive, adaptive, static, or mobile-specific design. File extensions include.html,.htm,.php, and. asp. They will always be created utilizing HTML and CSS code. Regardless of whether a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone is being used, if the layout is described as “responsive,” it will adjust its width to fit the screen of the particular device used to see it. View the parts below.

Website templates free beginner web developers from starting from scratch when building a website.

What Can Be Included in a Web Template?

The features that can be incorporated into a design include text,.jpg,.png, or.gif images, jQuery and CSS3 animation, shopping carts, contact forms, dynamic image galleries and slideshows, a PDF download links page, and video players (including embedded Youtube videos).

When choosing a website template, ensure it already has the features, scripts, and apps you need for your web development project because web template styles and code differ greatly from vendor to vendor. The pre-made pages can be customized by adding text, stock images, scripts, and third-party plugins. The provided stock photos can be altered or swapped out with the user’s own.jpg files as needed for the project.

New website owner? All of the Allwebco templates come with step-by-step instructions and built-in functionality, making them ideal for those who are setting up their first website or are unfamiliar with using self-contained, downloadable pre-made webpage designs. See how to design a website for further information.

Web developers and website templates

Many developers use our designs to create sites for their clients because our website templates are complete standalone zip file downloads that include several pages and built-in scripts. Additionally, a client can buy any website template we provide and hire a developer or outsource the work to finish the website using our design and layout. Compared to hiring a developer to build a new website from scratch, using a website template as a starting point and having a professional finish the project will result in significant savings. Once a website is built utilizing one of our webpage template designs, there are no limitations on how it can be configured. Please refer to our template users agreement for further information on usage and limitations. Learn more about web development templates.

“Compared to having a developer create the base layout, using a website template as a starting point and hiring a professional to finish the site offers substantial savings.”

Designing with HTML and CSS

Web browsers can render webpages as intended using HTML and CSS, two plain text coding languages. For more information, refer to HTML and CSS. The “web standards” that are now in use are HTML5 and CSS3, which are updated and maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Before choosing a design to utilize, carefully weigh your alternatives because many types of web templates are available. It is best to pick one that is Google Mobile-Friendly Test-passing, compliant, and visible on mobile. Choose responsive or mobile to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of these choices.

Adjustable Design

This site template is comparable to responsive design and typically contains Media Queries CSS code. The primary distinction is that it individually addresses desktop, tablet, and mobile devices with a completely new technique or a new collection of web pages. The viewer will be sent to the pages designed for their particular device using some detection, CSS, jQuery, PHP, or asp. When a web template is responsive and when it is adaptive can be a bit ambiguous. See also responsive vs. mobile and mobile sub-sites.

Web-building software

Wix, Weebly, Squarespace,, Godaddy, and other website-building services contain a proprietary editing application that enables users to edit their websites immediately online via a web browser interface while utilizing their web template library. Although it may seem convenient, you should remember that even though you may spend hundreds of hours designing and maintaining your website, you only have a copy of it in the cloud where the web builder’s software resides. Since our web templates can be downloaded to your computer, you won’t be tied to a specific corporate provider and will have a copy of your website that you can post with any other hosting service. Continue reading

Why Pick a Site Builder Over Self Contained

The term “content management system” (CMS) is sometimes used to refer to proprietary software applications that enable the editing and publishing of website content from a centralized interface, such as a web browser.

Many hosting firms offer proprietary CMS and web builder systems. Still, use the stock website template designs included with the hosting package. Your website won’t be “portable,” making it challenging to store it on your computer and switch to a different hosting provider later. Additionally, adding programs or animation like you might see on other websites and search engine optimization can be more challenging to put up. In certain circumstances, customization may be more constrained. The management of large websites is more challenging with these programs. These issues are not present with standalone webpage templates. Continue reading

All source code and data for Allwebco web templates are available for download. There aren’t any limitations on what you may add to or take away from the designs, giving you more freedom and limitless expansion on your website. You will always have a backup copy of your full website on your PC because they are standalone applications.

A unique website and website templates

Suppose a user worries that utilizing a website template won’t receive a unique website. In that case, they might want to consider the fact that many billions of websites and endless templates are offered by a huge number of organizations. It is quite unlikely that a web surfer will ever come across two websites with the same template. To make your website project distinctive, you will also probably alter the text and replace most photos when setting it up. Additionally, our templates use global CSS code, enabling simple color, font, layout & design adjustments. In contrast to a CMS or site builder system, standalone templates let you change any aspect of the web pages.